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    Tried & Treasured Authentication Process

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    100% Authenticity Guaranteed


    Everything on Tried & Treasured comes with the assurance of Authenticity. The chosen brands are pre-loved with a zero-tolerance policy for counterfeit goods. The validation process is standardized to ensure our consumers don’t purchase anything less than the finest luxurious couture from Tried & Treasured.

    All products are subject to a rigorous, multi-layered, brand-specific authentication process by our team of luxury brand authenticators. Tried & Treasured has partnered with the best authenticators to ensure that no fake products are ever delivered to the consumers.

    Tried & Treasured’s authentication team inspects all goods for appropriate product material used, hardware used, zipper quality and make, leather trimming, seam line stitch consistencies, brand markings and logo printing and embossing, date codes or serial tags and hologram stickers.

    Our thorough and well mapped-out process, without a doubt, allows us to provide 100% authentic goods to every single consumer thus increasing customer satisfaction.


    Tried & Treasured Protect Policy


    At Tried & Treasured, we understand the importance of trust. You are protected each time you place an order on Tried & Treasured. Every pre-loved luxurious item is carefully authenticated by our authentication team with years of experience in spotting fakes.

    Before we deliver any item to the buyer, we verify to match the description provided by the seller.

    If your order fails to arrive, we’ll refund your payment. If your ordered item doesn’t match the description, inform us within 3 days of delivery. Once we verify your claim, we’ll refund your payment. Tried & Treasured Protect policy protects your order each and every time. Shop now with confidence & 100% peace of mind.

    In a rare event, if you suspect a fake item is shipped, inform us within 3 days. We’ll verify your claims and if found to be true, we’ll issue a complete refund.


    Tried & Treasured’s charter against fakes


    Tried & Treasured fights counterfeit products. We have zero tolerance policy against fakes and believe that the true essence of preloved luxurious goods lies in fine craftsmanship and authenticity. We take every step to thoroughly inspect the products before we ourselves list them on the website.

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Authentic pre-owned luxury in MumbaiYou are here: Home » Blog » Blog » Authentic pre-owned luxury in Mumbai

  • Sep 5, 2018
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If you wish to choose the new Prada or a pair of Jimmy Choos, and are really backing up due to high price tags; multiple sites that are selling authentic pre-owned luxury in Mumbai can be the solution for your hesitation.

Multiple times it may happen that your favorite brand is lying in the darkness of your wardrobe and is being used for a pretty long time! And instead of letting them lye in the dust; you can now resale them at your own convenience and choice on multiple online platforms, such as luxury sale or online portals that are pre-owned. These platforms are generally dedicated to clients, who understand them and love them.

Many experts who have recently started their collection in this manner, have similar concerns. Accordingly, many youngsters who really can’t afford to buy these costly brands but really strive for them; can invest a huge money on them. However, it is generally a usual mentality of them to avoid them after certain repetitions. Some platforms only focused on to the luxury brands, whereas some other can go with the affordable brands as well.

In the last couple of years, there has been a sudden surge in the Fashonista class of the people, who are aware of big brands, labels, latest designs and style, etc. This class is not necessarily affluent class, but can be high earners or people without any much responsibility yet. And this apparently a class, who always covet for those pair of Blahniks or Totes worn by celebrities. Many great fashion lovers have announced that fashion is ultimately an ease of T shirt, but luxury of an expensive dress. And that would be ultimately disappointing, if the luxury is always not accompanied with the great comfort. Thus, these online portals should ensure display of variety of brands that can offer the same luxury and comfort in an affordable price tag. This would definitely go well with both, the buyers as well as the seller too, in order to earn quickly.

While, the buyers are generally youngsters between the age group of 20-50; sellers can as well be in the same age group, i.e. between 35-60, who are ultimately selling their pricy items because they wish to upgrade their wardrobe with new designs and probably need space for it. The next question that may arise in our mind is are many of us comfortable buying clothes that are already few seasons old? The consciousness is more in sellers but the buyers. But there always is availability of some classic pieces that you can get in almost half the prices and are being highly preferred for the same. Many of these online platforms authenticate the products using stringent multistep authentication process; and in no circumstances can face the embarrassing situation.

Thus, although for sellers there are multiple reasons for selling! It can be anything from lack of space, boredom or impulsion to go with the latest items; but from buyers perception, who wants an excuse for shopping more?

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