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    Tried & Treasured Authentication Process

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    100% Authenticity Guaranteed


    Everything on Tried & Treasured comes with the assurance of Authenticity. The chosen brands are pre-loved with a zero-tolerance policy for counterfeit goods. The validation process is standardized to ensure our consumers don’t purchase anything less than the finest luxurious couture from Tried & Treasured.

    All products are subject to a rigorous, multi-layered, brand-specific authentication process by our team of luxury brand authenticators. Tried & Treasured has partnered with the best authenticators to ensure that no fake products are ever delivered to the consumers.

    Tried & Treasured’s authentication team inspects all goods for appropriate product material used, hardware used, zipper quality and make, leather trimming, seam line stitch consistencies, brand markings and logo printing and embossing, date codes or serial tags and hologram stickers.

    Our thorough and well mapped-out process, without a doubt, allows us to provide 100% authentic goods to every single consumer thus increasing customer satisfaction.


    Tried & Treasured Protect Policy


    At Tried & Treasured, we understand the importance of trust. You are protected each time you place an order on Tried & Treasured. Every pre-loved luxurious item is carefully authenticated by our authentication team with years of experience in spotting fakes.

    Before we deliver any item to the buyer, we verify to match the description provided by the seller.

    If your order fails to arrive, we’ll refund your payment. If your ordered item doesn’t match the description, inform us within 3 days of delivery. Once we verify your claim, we’ll refund your payment. Tried & Treasured Protect policy protects your order each and every time. Shop now with confidence & 100% peace of mind.

    In a rare event, if you suspect a fake item is shipped, inform us within 3 days. We’ll verify your claims and if found to be true, we’ll issue a complete refund.


    Tried & Treasured’s charter against fakes


    Tried & Treasured fights counterfeit products. We have zero tolerance policy against fakes and believe that the true essence of preloved luxurious goods lies in fine craftsmanship and authenticity. We take every step to thoroughly inspect the products before we ourselves list them on the website.

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Women’s Collection in Branded dressesYou are here: Home » Blog » Blog » Women’s Collection in Branded dresses

  • Oct 4, 2018
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Many ladies love to shop online now days, due to better quality and variety at the comfort of their home. Previously for busy women, who are very fond of wearing new stylish clothes; a need for shopping used to be so intense that it used to be very difficult for them to take out the time to go shopping. However virtual world has made everything so easy and convenient. They offer various Women’s Collection in Branded Dress at a very reasonable range. Moreover, they have also been found to be excellent in offering various other services, such as easy exchange, returns, sale etc.

As a matter of fact, online shopping has become a first choice for every busy lady. Besides there is also a possibility of your increased dependability and enormous credibility a service provider may offer you a great deal that you can never ever imagine. Overall these virtual platforms know very well how to make their customers happy and content.

Plethora of choices available

Just as you go out for shopping in the normal town side market or malls, your experience with online shopping can also become quite extraordinary. Since there is so much to explore and to choose from that has surely raised expectations of ladies, demanding on for more and more options. These options are also similar to what you can find in the mall or market and can be conveniently explored at the comfort of your home as well as office. With the help of their strong website designers and developers, these websites are being able to develop various features, in order to make them attractive and user friendly. You can easily compare deals and option offered by different companies and service provider and chooses the best suited for you. Thus, buying various designer clothes has been very easy and convenient now days.

What do you get?

All the service provider that have been indulged with online shopping platforms guarantees you for high quality and better services. In India, the style statement and fashion are slowly gearing up to present to you with best of quality and designs. Lot of varieties is available, not only in clothing sections but also in accessory section. You can find out good clothes along with other accessories like purses, handbags, watches, etc.

Thus, it is highly possible to get variety of options at a very reasonable price with online shopping; and the service providers are ready to serve you at your disposal up to any extend. Thus, getting designer clothes through online channel is the current trend that is attracting ladies and the trend is surely going to multiply two to three times, considering the growing market demands.

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